Why We Love Ha Immerse

ALASTIN Skincare recently released a new hyaluronic acid serum called HA Immerse, and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love HA Immerse: 

It Instantly Boosts Hydration

HA Immerse provides an instant boost of hydration on the skin’s surface when applied. This makes it perfect for daily use in the colder months, when your skin is prone to dryness. It is also a great option to hydrate and prep the skin before applying makeup!

It Boosts Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Levels

Over time, it helps the skin increase its own high-molecular hyaluronic acid production. This amazing long-term benefit is due to ALASTIN’s proprietary Octapeptide-45, a breakthrough peptide formulation that works deep within the skin. With regular use, your skin should appear more plump, hydrated, and youthful.

Ha Immerse Compliments Dermal Fillers

Because it helps your body create its own hyaluronic acid, it is an excellent compliment to dermal fillers. This product can help extend the life of your hyaluronic acid fillers, like Restylane, by continuing to help replenish your skin’s own HA in the area treated. 

It’s NewBeautys 2022 Choice for “Best Hyaluronic Acid”

We’re not the only ones who are obsessed with HA! This ALASTIN product is also the winner of NewBeauty’s prestigious Beauty Award, and was named the “Best Hyaluronic Acid” in 2022.

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