What To Expect When Getting Lip Fillers: 5 Things You Should Know

Are you thinking about getting lip fillers, but aren’t sure what to expect? We’re here to share with you five things you should know.

Since the year 2000, lip fillers have become an increasingly popular procedure. With the stigma around them fading, more and more young men and women are looking for the perfect pout and will resort to surgical enhancement to get it.

However, if you’re looking to get lip fillers, you must go into the procedure knowing what to expect. You should speak with your doctor about what you can expect first, as they can tailor their answers to you.

If you’re looking for a general list of things to expect when getting lip fillers, then this article is perfect for you. Whether you’re considering getting lip fillers or you’ve already made your appointment for fillers, read on to arm you with as much information as possible to mitigate disappointing surprises or results that you end up being unhappy with after the procedure. 


Before you have your lips injected, the injector will need to know exactly how big you want your lips. Not communicating this beforehand can lead to upset on your part and make the injector’s job much more difficult.

You’ll typically have a consultation before you have the lip filler injected into your lips. At this consultation, you should have a clear idea of how much lip filler you want, and the injector should have an idea as to whether or not this is realistic.

Suffice to say; you should be on the same page expectations-wise so that there are no surprises the day of.

Most surgeons will tell their clients to go for a more natural look. It’s better to want more the next time than to regret having had too much injected into your lips.


Contrary to popular opinion or belief, there isn’t simply one type of injectable available. Instead, there are several types, and each can give different results. You’ll need to speak to your doctor about what result you want before choosing the type of injectable you want for your lips. Your doctor will take that into account, as well as your age. Some collectables work better for older people, while some are best for younger people’s skin. Remember, just because your friend or favorite influencer got a certain injectable, it doesn’t mean it’s what will be perfect for your face.


Unlike some plastic surgery treatments, the filler doesn’t last forever. As such, it will dissolve over time, and you’ll need to have it redone or retouched. Keep this in mind when you have your lips done. If you don’t like it, you can always decide to have something different done the next time around. Think of it as an extreme version of getting your hair permanently dyed–if you don’t like the results, they’re not forever, but it will take some time for them to return to normal.

Lip injections can last anywhere from six months to three years, so be prepared for that if you want to maintain the look.


It is recommended that you start by injecting your lips gradually. If you want big Kylie Jenner lips and have naturally thin lips, you shouldn’t ask to get huge lips immediately. This is partially because if you don’t like your lips, there is little that can be done to fix them immediately, and instead, you’ll have to live with them until they go down. Injecting your lips a little bit at a time allows your growth to look more natural and can help you find a happy medium. You may realize that you want to stop before your lips are that large anyway, and you wouldn’t have known that if you went straight to the biggest lips possible.

Going gradual allows you to find the perfect size for your face without having to go into hiding while your lips heal and go back to normal. As we stated previously, you can always go bigger, but it is difficult to go smaller.


Before you get your lip injection, you’ll want to avoid blood thinners to decrease the chance of bleeding during the procedure. You’ll need not take any pain killers, stop drinking alcohol and avoid fish oil and Vitamin E, as these can all lead to bruising or bleeding from the injection site.

If you take any medication, like anticoagulants or medication for high blood pressure, you should speak to your doctor about having lip injections whilst on this medication. Your doctor may recommend that you don’t have lip injections or tell you to go off a certain medication for a prescribed number of days.

You may also be asked not to drink alcohol for a certain number of days before the procedure.

You’ll want to do everything possible to ensure that you recover thoroughly and healthily.


If you would like lip fillers, make sure you speak at length with a plastic surgeon about the risks and rewards. Be sure you understand what type of filler they’ll be injecting you with, how much they will inject, how long it will last, and how much it will cost before you sit down for the procedure. You want to leave the chair both healthy and happy with the results.

For more information on lip fillers or to book your consultation, contact us today.