Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a common skin concern that affects a large percentage of women and some men. From dimpled thighs to wavy skin on the buttocks, this stubborn condition can cause some people to feel self-conscious about their body, choosing to cover it up with longer clothing.

At Beyond Skin Aesthetics, we understand the frustrations associated with cellulite and are dedicated to providing effective treatments tailored to your needs. Our cutting-edge cellulite treatment options go beyond traditional methods to deliver noticeable results that leave you feeling confident and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to cellulite with our innovative approaches to smoother, firmer skin only at Beyond Skin Aesthetics.


Understanding Cellulite: Causes and Factors

Several factors contribute to the formation of cellulite on the skin. One of the most prominent elements in stubborn cellulite is hormonal changes, which play a significant role in its development. Hormones like estrogen and insulin affect blood flow, fat accumulation, and collagen production, all cellulite-related factors. Choosing an affective cellulite treatment option will help you target these causes.

Genetics also play a part in determining whether someone is prone to developing cellulite or not. If your family members have experienced it, you might too. Additionally, your body type could predispose you more towards developing cellulite.

Additionally, lifestyle factors such as a poor diet and lack of exercise can influence the appearance of cellulite. A sedentary lifestyle combined with a diet high in processed foods and saturated fats may increase fat deposits beneath the skin and worsen the dimpled appearance often associated with cellulite.

While there isn’t an exact cause for why some people develop cellulite while others don’t, there are several theories regarding its origins, including: 

  • Decreased circulation in specific body areas leads to fluid retention, consequently contributing to cellulite formation.
  • Weakened connective tissues make it easier for fat deposits beneath the skin’s surface to protrude through.
  • Inflammation, which triggers specific cells within fatty tissue layers to experience fibrosis—a hardening process. When this occurs, cellulite dimples can worsen over time.

Understanding cellulite’s causes and risk factors is essential when considering treatment options to reduce its appearance.

Beyond Skin Aesthetics’ Cellulite Treatment Options

BSA offers three state-of-the-art, non-invasive treatment options for cellulite, which have minimal downtime.


Emtone relies on acoustic sound waves to stimulate circulation and release built-up fluid. It also uses radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy to strengthen the bands that fat comes up through while heating the fat cells, tightening the skin, and stimulating the generation of new collagen. By targeting a lack of collagen, fluid build-up, and poor circulation – three major factors contributing to cellulite – Emtone achieves results with these combined technologies that they couldn’t achieve alone.

RF Microneedling

Radiofrequency microneedling uses tiny needles to injure the skin in a controlled manner, forcing the body to stimulate its natural wound-healing responses. As a result, there is an increase in collagen and elastin. The inclusion of radiofrequency energy further heats the deeper layers of the skin, encouraging the production of elastin and collagen to tighten the skin and lift and firm sagging areas, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

While these non-invasive options may improve the appearance of cellulite, it’s important always to manage expectations. Combining these treatments with lifestyle changes such as exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day is advised.

VelaShape® III

VelaShape® III is an FDA-approved treatment that relies on a combination of radiofrequency and infrared energy to tighten the skin of the abdomen and thighs. By heating the fat cells, new collagen and elastin growth is stimulated, and circulation and fluid drainage are promoted. As a result, the skin emerges tighter, and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

Diet and Exercise to Manage Cellulite

Maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Nutrient-dense foods provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals that promote collagen production while strengthening connective tissues. Additionally, avoiding processed foods high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fats helps minimize fat accumulation and inflammation – two contributing factors to cellulite development.

Targeted Exercises for Problem Areas

Incorporating targeted exercises into your routine may help enhance muscle tone and reduce cellulite. Focusing on key problem areas, such as the thighs or buttocks, allows you to target specific muscles that can effectively improve blood flow circulation and burn excess fat. Exercises like squats, lunges, leg lifts, cycling, or running engage these areas and stimulate collagen synthesis for smoother-looking skin.

The Importance of Hydration

Ensuring adequate hydration is often overlooked when it comes to reducing cellulite appearance. However, it plays an integral role in maintaining healthy skin texture. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps flush toxins out of the body while keeping cells hydrated. Staying properly hydrated enhances overall blood circulation, which aids in minimizing the build-up of toxin-laden fluid pockets under the skin’s surface that contribute to dimpling. This is also an essential part of non-invasive treatments for cellulite since radiofrequency treatment responds to water.

Cost of Cellulite Treatments

The final cost of your cellulite treatment depends on what area you have treated and which treatment you use to achieve your aesthetic goals. Clients have the best outcomes when they choose to invest in a treatment package. To get an accurate estimate for the treatment you plan on having, schedule a consultation with Beyond Skin Aesthetics today for a personalized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

While cellulite is more common in women, men can also develop cellulite, although it's less prevalent. The causes and treatment options for cellulite in men are similar to those for women.

The time it takes to see results can vary depending on the treatment and the individual. Some treatments may improve in a few weeks, while others may take several months. Collagen stimulation usually occurs about three months after a treatment, which is why the results are not always immediate.

Most cellulite treatments provide temporary results. However, with regular maintenance sessions, you can maintain the effects of your treatment.

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