Subnovii Plasma Pen: The Pen That Will Clear And Rejuvenate Your Skin

Did you know that experts have listed your 40s as when signs of aging start showing up more prominently? While sun damage starts popping up in your 30s, the decades afterward put your skin more at risk. Decreases in collagen and elastin production are two primary reasons.

If you have used cosmetic procedures in the past, you may be curious what the hype is regarding Subnovii. While a relatively new procedure, the Subnovii Plasma Pen is a safe and long-lasting cosmetic treatment.

Rather than using abrasives and needles, it incorporates thermal and advanced technology. Are you still interested?

Luckily, we have put together a complete guide on what the Subnovii is, how it works, and why you should check it out when you schedule your next appointment. Keep reading on for more information!


The Subnovii Plasma Pen is one of the latest technologically-advanced cosmetic procedures that promote several anti-aging benefits. In return, you receive smooth, tighter, and younger-looking skin.

It uses thermal energy that targets superficial and deeper skin layers, causing micro-traumas. More specifically, the Subnovii Plasma Pen is a skin resurfacing tool that uses ionized gases and plasma for natural healing.


Skin resurfacing has been used for years in the cosmetic industry. The most commonly used resurfacing tool is microneedling. Microneedling fine needles that puncture the skin.

In return, it initiates your skin’s natural healing process. The Subnovii Plasma Pen works through a few different mechanisms. To better understand this concept, it is crucial to take a quick refresher on skin layers.

There are three primary skin layers, including:

  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • Subcutaneous tissue

The epidermis and dermis layers play a critical role in wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, and more. The role of the epidermis is:

  • Creating new skin cells
  • Skin color
  • Protection

The dermis helps with elasticity and provides integrity and strength. It also assists with the production of sweat, oil, sensation, blood vessels, and hair growth. The Subnovii Plasma Pen targets your epidermis and dermis layers, healing at deeper levels and creating long-lasting results.

It targets superficial ionized gas layers sitting on the surface of the epidermis. In reality, the Subnovii Plasma Pen doesn’t directly touch the skin. Instead, it emits concentrated thermal energy targeting both skin layers.


The Plasma Pen healing process can benefit your skin by:

  • Reducing deep wrinkles
  • Tightening skin
  • Reducing scarring
  • Reducing lesions

Some of the areas where you can use the Subnovii Plasma Pen are upper and lower eyelids, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and smoker’s lines. Additionally, you can use the Subnovii Plasma Pen to help with sunspots, stretch marks, skin tags, and necklines. The Subnovii Plasma Pen eye lift is a safe procedure that restores skin integrity and elasticity on your upper and lower eyelids.


The FDA cleared the Subnovii Plasma Pen in 2020, and it is a safe procedure for most patients and skin types. If you struggle with skin pigmentation issues, talk to your dermatologist or qualified clinician first. Like other cosmetic procedures, you should follow specific aftercare instructions.

Your licensed dermatologist can provide more detailed instructions based on your skin and where the procedure was administered. Since skin resurfacing tools cause minor traumas on epidermis layers, you may notice some redness for a couple of days after the procedure.

Compared to Botox and other cosmetic procedures, plasma pens often provide longer-lasting results. Other studies found that 68% of patients noted improvements in facial appearance.


Unfortunately, treatments are only available in a clinic. Additionally, you will want the expertise of a qualified professional since it involves micro-traumas on delicate facial regions. Qualified cosmetology clinics will also provide you with in-depth aftercare instructions and minimize risks of infection or adverse effects.


If you have wanted a safe, non-invasive, and effective anti-aging treatment, the Subnovii Plasma Pen is an excellent option. It eliminates direct contact with the skin (unlike microneedling). It has shown good efficacy and long-term results, making it a must-have treatment for patients looking at tightening skin, reducing wrinkles, and stimulating collagen growth.