Alastin Summit

Transforming Rosacea Care with Alastin’s C-Radical Defense Serum

Delaney was a featured practice testimonial speaker, highlighting one of her favorite products, Alastin’s C-Radical Defense Serum.

If there is one thing I can talk for hours about, it is rosacea, and the impacts of Vitamin-C. Vitamin-C can be a tricky thing for those with inflammation. One thing to remember when commiting to a Vitamin-C is that they are not all created equal. My choice of Vitamin-C is Alastin’s C-Radical Defense.

C-Rad as it’s nicknamed not only provides all of the positive benefits you find with Vitamin-C antioxidant protection, but also promotes the production of collagen and elastin, revolutionizing the way that Vitamin-C is used. This is unheard of, friends!!! It also has shown to reduce inflammation, something I’m always looking for in a product when managing rosacea and redness with my patients. 

Have you tried C-Rad? What do you think?