The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

The Role of Commissions in a Thriving Culture

We had so much fun sitting down with our dear friend, Kaeli Lindholm, founder of KLC Consulting, and the Fierce Factor Podcast! Katie and I met Kaeli last year at Aesthetic Next, and it was an instant collaboration waiting to happen. We ended up chatting around a community style lunch table by happenstance, all about practice culture, and our opinions on commission. You can hear more about that initial meeting in our episode!

Over the past year, KLC has been a huge asset to me (Delaney) in my preparation for taking center stage. KLC recently launched “Voice of Impact,” which is a 6 week public speaking, communications, and visibility coaching program for dynamic thought leaders. I was honored to be among the launch and stand here to share my testimony of success!

More on that at a later date. For now, I hope you enjoy our Fierce Factor Episode with Kaeli on commissions and culture!