How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last On Average?

Did you know that as many as 10% of all women experience some degree of unwanted hair growth? Unwanted hair may occur on any part of the body, such as the face, arms, or back. Many women rely on shaving and waxing, but these are not the best ways to remove hair.  This is not to mention that shaving and waxing can be very expensive over a long period of time and the results they provide only last for a few days. Laser hair removal is a much better option, but how long does laser hair removal last? Is this hair removal option really worth it or should you stick with shaving and waxing?

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When it comes to laser hair removal benefits, the first thing you should know is that laser hair removal is a very easy procedure to go through. The laser involved is designed in a way that targets the pigment in your hair follicles. Once the laser locks onto the dark pigment in your hair, it will destroy the hair and damage the follicle in the process.

After damaging the follicle to a certain extent, it will be much harder for that follicle to produce another shaft of hair at a later time. Keep in mind that laser hair removal is not a method of permanent hair removal but rather hair reduction. As a result, hair will grow back in these damaged follicles at some point, but the new hair will be very thin and light, and virtually unnoticeable. 

Keep in mind that laser hair removal may not be the right treatment option for everyone. This hair removal solution works best on those who have fair skin and dark hair. This is because the laser needs a strong contrast between the skin color and the hair color. 


If your skin color is as dark as your hair, the laser may pick up on the dark pigment of your skin and damage it as a result. On the other hand, if you have light hair and light skin, the laser won’t be able to pick up on any dark pigment in your hair, and it won’t be very effective either. For those who aren’t good candidates for laser hair removal, electrolysis may be the better option. 

When it comes to laser hair removal, you should know that the procedure is not very painful. Many people find that the zap of the laser is like the snap of a rubber band. It may sting for a moment, but it should not be excruciatingly painful. 

If you don’t have a strong tolerance to pain, your laser hair removal provider may give you some numbing cream so you won’t feel much discomfort at all. After the procedure, your skin will be quite sensitive and you will need to stay out of the sun for a few days. Once your hair starts to grow back, you will notice that it is very soft and light, especially as you get more treatments done. 

But how long will these results last?


As mentioned before, laser hair removal is not a way to go about permanently removing hair. Instead, it will reduce your hair growth for a certain period of time. This period will depend on how many treatment sessions you get. 

Usually, one session is not enough to get the results you’re looking for. Some people may need five or six sessions before they finally see the results they want. At first, you will need to get hair removal treatments every two weeks or so.

As your treatment processes, you will be able to extend the treatments to once every month or so. Once you finally see the hair reduction you’re looking for, you may not need to get another treatment for months or even years. However, sooner or later, you will start to notice your hair growing back a bit darker.

This is normal because, over the years, your body’s hormones will fluctuate and affect your body’s hair growth.


To keep your hair from growing back as dark as it was originally, you will need to continue to get touch-up treatments. You will only need to get these treatments once or twice a year. 

That way, you won’t have to worry too much about your hair growing back darker or thicker and it will stay thin and light the way you like it. However, you may experience different results if you have some kind of hormonal imbalance. For example, if you have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which causes excessive hair growth due to the increased levels of testosterone, you may need to get more hair removal sessions than usual to keep up with the hair growth. 

You may also need to treat the underlying hormonal condition before you can see the results you want from laser hair removal. Otherwise, the results of laser hair removal should stay for years without any issues. 


How long do the results last, you might ask? The results can last for several years, but in order to maintain your results, you will need to go in for occasional touch-up treatments. You should only need to go in for these treatments about once every year and your hair should remain very light and thin as a result. 

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