Different Body Contouring Treatments And How To Choose Between Them

85% of people suffer from low self-esteem. Perhaps you are one of those people and are looking for ways to boost your self-confidence. No one deserves to have a negative view of themself. It is important to nurture and encourage a positive self-image. If you are dissatisfied with your body, there are many ways to help fix that.  Body contouring is a solution to this problem. There are several different treatments to pick from. They all can have positive results on how you view yourself. You shouldn’t have to live with low self-esteem any longer. 

So, are you ready to start a new journey? We’re here to guide you on how body contouring can jumpstart your journey to self-love. Read on to find out more!


Body contouring is harmless with life-changing results. Non-surgical body contouring targets pockets of fat and alarming cellulite on the body. It uses different treatments and techniques to get the desired results. 

There are astounding effects when using body contouring. You won’t need to spend days in recovery or in pain. Treatments can be as easy as a 15-minute session and some of our services offer immediate results. 

Our treatments can tighten the skin on your body and offer relief from your day-to-day insecurities. 

While many treatments are similar to each other, they all serve different purposes. They also utilize different technology. Because you need to pick the best treatment for you, knowing the different options is vital.


Emscult NEO is a non-invasive FDA-cleared procedure combining fat-burning and muscle-toning treatments. It uses electromagnetic energy to target the areas you are dissatisfied with in order to tone and shape them. This treatment can be done on most areas of the body and only requires one session in order to see results.

It can be excruciating and aggravating to diet and exercise for months. Sometimes, extreme dieting and exercise even offer little to no results. Rather than waiting, you can experience immediate satisfaction with Emscult NEO. There’s no need to keep being disappointed. 

Even better, this procedure can take as little as 30 minutes. If you have a crazy schedule with limited time for self-care, this will only take a short amount of time to have long-lasting results. 

Emscult NEO can help you have the body you always desired. 


EMTONE treatment is non-invasive body contouring that targets cellulite. It does this by using radiofrequency and high-pressure energy. 

This treatment may involve multiple sessions but each one lasts no longer than 15 minutes. This can be an easy and quick addition to occasionally add to your self-care routine. 

Furthermore, like Emscult NEO, this procedure has no downtime or recovery process. You will be able to go back to normal activities and responsibilities immediately. 


Ultrashape Power may give you just the results you are looking for. Ultrashape works by emitting ultrasonic energy waves to the targeted fat. The ultrasonic energy will destroy the fat cells and result in permanent effects.

While the reduction in fat is not immediate, it has long-lasting results. If you are self-conscious about subcutaneous fat on your body, then this treatment can ease your worries. 


Velashape III is a perfect treatment if you are looking to slim down your thighs and abdomen. This treatment can result in improved cellulite, skin tightening, and fat cell reduction. 

Velashape utilizes radiofrequency and infrared heat to target the desired areas. This can stimulate collagen production, increase circulation, and much more.

Some people, after significant weight loss or life changes, experience loose sagging skin. This sagging skin shouldn’t take away from your accomplishments. Velashape III can tighten the skin and reduce the cellulite you may be experiencing. 


Figuring out which treatment to go with can be hard. The good news is that all of these treatments are effective and long-lasting. 

If you are looking for something to target your abdomen or thighs, then you might want to go with Velashape III. Velashape III specializes in these areas and can ensure fantastic results.

If you have a tight schedule and limited time, choosing one of our simple procedures like Emscult or EMTONE might be a better choice. Both of these treatments can be done on multiple areas of the body. EMTONE may require more sessions, but they will only be about 15 minutes long, while Emscult can be 30 minutes long.

If you have stubborn fat that you want to get rid of, choosing Ultrashape may be what you want instead. Our patients see an astounding reduction of 4-6cm after only three treatments with Ultrashape. 

The treatment you choose ultimately depends on what you are looking for and the results you want. We offer complimentary consultations to help you decide what treatment will be best for you and your body. 


If you are looking for a simple and non-invasive way to boost your self-image, then body contouring can be the solution you are looking for. Ultimately, it is up to you to learn to love the person you are and your appearance. There is no shame though in loving yourself by indulging in self-care like body contouring.

At Beyond Skin Aesthetics, we can help you achieve the self-love you deserve. 


Are you ready to begin your journey to self-love? There’s no need to keep waiting! Beyond Skin Aesthetics has the FDA-cleared body contouring you are looking for. 

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