Why Are Before & After Photos Important?

Posted by Kimberli Poor on

Starting a new skincare or weight loss routine is the first step in exciting journey towards feeling more confident and beautiful in your own skin. Whether you’re trying to address a specific concern or simply want to improve your overall health, taking before and after photos is an important step for tracking your progress and seeing the results of your hard work! Here are the top reasons why before & after photos are so important:

They Help You Keep Track of Your Progress

We look at our own face and body every day, which means it can be almost impossible to notice gradual changes in our appearance. Having before photos can help you see the changes and improvements in your skin over time, and are especially useful if you are treating a specific condition like acne, rosacea, or hyperpigmentation.

They Help to Identify Your Areas of Concern

Having a high-quality photo allows you to point out your areas of concern when you are discussing your treatment options and goals with your physician or skincare expert. We all have that one little freckle or wrinkle that bothers us, and discussing those concerns is much easier to do when you are able to reference them in a photo.

They Can Help Keep You Motivated

Even the best treatments and products can take time to work. Seeing a side-by-side comparison of your progress is a great way to see how far you have come and help keep you motivated, especially with weight loss or body contouring treatments.

So, now you know why before & after photos are so important! For more information on our skincare and body treatments, schedule a complimentary consultation at Beyond Skin Aesthetics today. 

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